Sunday, May 27, 2007

Fair Trade Blogging as a Virus?

It seems from my google analytics report that people are actually visiting this blog. THANK YOU! I want to come clean though, and confess I'm a skeptic when it comes to blogs, for a couple of different reasons. First off, the whole word-of-mouth-marketing craze sometimes seems like a lot of common sense with unfortunately named strategies. For example, "Viral Marketing" means that if you like something you'll tell someone else and that person will tell some else.

I did this a lot with the movie "Little Miss Sunshine" I left the theater after seeing it for the first time and called friends urging them to drop everything to see it. Sounds like fun, friendly advice, But with "viral marketing," you think of times when you sneeze on someone, s/he gets your cold, and sneezes on someone else, who gets a cold, or worse. Yuck.

Also, to help get the word of my book out, I'm supposed to blog daily, waxing philosophic on a about things I am thinking or feeling about Fair Trade. Blog stands for weB-log, or journal, and just like a diary I'm supposed to write every day. Well, I don't mean to be cranky but, who has time for this stuff? I'd rather answer emails from friends and colleagues or show up at a book signing and talk to people. Also, aren't diaries private? Is this another form of reality media where we see too much into the lives of others?

Well, I guess it is like anything else, one must find a balance. I do try to think critically and helpfully about Fair Trade and responsible consumption. I don't have to confess all my less than Fair Trade impulses (although I did come clean in a post below about wearing consignment-shop Gap jeans) So, if it is helpful to people who visit this blog to read about my experiences, all to the good! I also won't drive myself crazy trying to post. I am committed to sharing a post once a week, more if I can, less if I am really busy. For those folks who show up, you can count on something at least once a week. I'm sorry but I haven't had time to figure out how to give you the chance to subscribe to an RSS. That may stand for "real simple syndication" but it equals "real complicated code" for me.

And I'd rather just ask you to bookmark this page so I can go to a Memorial Day barbeque right now...thanks for understanding!

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