Sunday, May 20, 2007

What "a gift" the folks at SERRV gave to me!

One of the Fair Trade pioneers is SERRV International, known by its "brand" as A Greater Gift. For more than a generation SERRV has paved the way for the growth of the Fair Trade movement by refining principles and practices, leading the development of associations like the Fair Trade Federation and IFAT, and committing long-term to artisans who welcome technical assistance and training to work their way out of poverty.

Yesterday, the A Greater Gift shop in New Windsor, Maryland held its annual international festival and invited me to do a book signing. It was a gorgeous spring day in the country, complete with whiffs of alpaca droppings floating in the breeze. Long-time supporters, newcomers from surrounding areas, and one couple that drove 4 hours, poured onto the grassy fields in New Windsor to listen to music, get henna tattoos, dip into a Fair Trade chocolate fountain, and basically just enjoy the day. For me, it was a great break from normal weekend routines of doing laundry and catching up on correspondence. I also really enjoy talking to consumers who support Fair Trade but sometimes don't yet know exactly what it is all about.

Besides letting me hang out with them and hundreds of their friends yesterday, AGG is also featuring my book in its upcoming 2007-2008 catalog and is on-line for purchase now too. Thanks to my friends at SERRV for including me in their wonderful cultural outreach and in their inventory all year long!

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