Saturday, September 22, 2007

Let's Go where the Rocks Are: Matagalpa

I'm headed to Matagalpa, Nicaragua * in less than 24 hours for a meeting of Cooperative Coffees and their farmer partners. I haven't started packing, but I do have a plane reservation and plans to meet CRS colleagues, so I'm technically all set. Before I head off I figured I should write a post. A couple of folks in recent weeks have sent me emails, thanking me for this blog. I'm glad to know it is of some use, but I fear I don't pay enough attention to it!

With a looming to-do list, and 40+ year old's inability to pull all nighters, I really need to stop writing and get ready! I am sure once I get back I'll have lots to reflect on with great stories to share. My return trip takes me to the Just Lives festival in Hollywood, which I am also really excited about. It is a kick off event for Fair Trade certified month, which is celebrated in the States every October. Why don't I stop writing and you click over to TransFair USA because there may be an event coming up where you live?! Let's ALL go where the Fair Traders are!

More from me in October! Thanks for reading and feel free to post too!

*Apparently in the local language "Matagalpa" means "let's go where the rocks are"

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  1. Good luck in Nicaragua! Central America is a really beautiful place!

    I read your blog in my Google reader, it's always nice to find new posts, but I understand that it's hard to update blogs!

    I wrote something myself today, which I would love to get your opinion on whenever you have time :-)

    That is the link that goes directly to the post.

    Again, good luck in Nicaragua! Enjoy Central America, the best part of America :-)