Thursday, October 04, 2007

Scenes from the Nica Road

I admit that crossing this creek to reach a San Ramon eco-tourism project operated by the CECOCAFEN coffee cooperative was kind of fun. About 20 of us unloaded from the microbus and sloshed our way across by foot (thank goodness for flipflops and hiking boots), while others colleagues from Cooperative Coffees and CRS chose to walk across a log fashioned into a bridge (congrats to those with better balance than I!)

But the real point of this photo, of course, is what coffee farmers face as they try to get their product to market. Why does Fair Trade cost more sometimes? Well, because many times Fair Trade importers help farmers transport a product like coffee or, a handmade craft, from remote regions of the world, to major cities, to shipping ports, and then eventually to you, via internet or store. They do this while still paying the producer enough to cover the cost of production and factoring in transportation costs. Plus you get an excellent product for all the work and effort!

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  1. Awesome picture :) very strong image!!

    Reminds me of home, although El Salvador is now considerable more developed concerning the roads and access to coffee.