Friday, November 16, 2007

Try Your Luck and Support Rugmark

I often quip that if it weren't for Fair Trade, my clothing would have no style. Thank goodness for Fair Trade items like earrings, rings and necklaces. Not only do I spruce up my attire, I also get to be a walking fashion show for the producers who hand-create my accessories.

My interior design skills are not as hampered, but I am delighted to own a rug certified by Rugmark to be child-labor free. It has been a beautiful addition to my home decor and a wonderful way to talk about product labeling, in this case RugMark’s work to stop child servitude in South Asia’s handmade rug industry. I won my rug a few years back as part of the organization's annual raffle.

If you want a chance to enjoy a beautiful child labor-free rug in your home, sign up for the raffle, and you may have your very own socially responsible conversation starter for the new year. The deadline is December 5 so don't put off visiting the website.


  1. I got 1 raffle ticket :)

  2. RugMark's 2008 Raffle is underway! This year you can win a custom-designed rug by Creative Matters...