Saturday, March 29, 2008

Doing My Part to Keep Austin Weird

I'm headed to the Fair Trade Federation conference this week in Austin, TX and I'm pretty excited to be in that town for more than 12 hours (the duration of my last visit!) I know a few Fair Traders there, and I want to experience personally what so many love about a town who started a campaign called "Keep Austin Weird." Before my conference activities begin, on Thursday night at 7:00, I'll be doing a book signing at BookWoman, a feminist bookstore whose independence seems to capture the spirit of a town dedicated to local businesses and unconventional thinking.

If you are in Austin, please join me Thursday night at 7:00. I'd love to hear directly from locals about why Fair Trade resonates with the likes of world-renowned music makers, BBQ cooking, and political action. Also check out the FTF public exhibit on Saturday afternoon at the Wyndham Hotel. Fair Traders are a fun lot and sometimes considered a little weird ourselves, so we should all get to know each other!

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