Thursday, May 15, 2008

A little bit of Fair Trade irony

I'm processing a wonderful set of experiences in California this past week. Before I post any reflections about participating in the (hoped for) World's Largest Fair Trade Coffee break with the San Diego Friends of Fair Trade, traveling across the border to Tijuana, and debating Fair Trade at UCLA along with members of Fair Trade LA, I'll pass on this bit of levity in a video clip from Comedy Central. The Brits have long been ahead of the United States on several of the Fair Trade fronts. This is just another example that they "get it," courtesy of comedian John Oliver. The video reminds me of the classic, if somewhat more sardonic, written piece from the Onion a few years back. Enjoy but maybe also reflect: are there one too many "ouch" moments in that piece?

Here's to not taking ourselves too seriously even as we work on some pretty serious issues. And a toast to treating the person right next to us as well as we want farmers and artisans treated!

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