Friday, August 22, 2008

Count Down to Fair Trade month

My partner and I have started a count down for our vacation (and, for the record, we have 20 days to go!) and it got me thinking about the fall season. October is just around the corner and that means the 5th annual Fair Trade month is about to kick off. Check out TransFair's site for resources to help you celebrate the theme, Faces of Fair Trade. Halloween falls in October, of course, and so now is the time to order your supplies for Reverse Trick or Treating. It is a fun way to help you educate about the power of Fair Trade chocolate alternatives. Still think you have some learning to do before you become an advocate? Visit the virtual Fair Trade Institute and check out the variety of published work (if you are an author, log your info too!). Do you just want to kick back and enjoy a community event? Get acquainted with the Fair Trade Towns USA initiative, the same folks who helped bring you the largest Fair Trade event in US history!

So many of us work long and hard for Fair Trade and sometimes we need to step back and celebrate! Fair Trade month gives us a chance to do that and more. Start planning now so you can be part of the movement and the fun!

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  1. Anonymous12:11 PM

    Hello great blog! Good to see so many people are starting to support the fair trade movement.

    Just a reminder to everyone out there - that fair trade product extend beyond agricultural products such as coffee and include fair trade jewelry and clothing.

    Please consider supporting fair trade in every category.