Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Traveling Chuckles from Louis CK

I had a welcome snow day yesterday, meaning I could walk around in the pre-plow beauty, watch "Ellen," and do other spontaneously fun activities. One included looking at a You Tube video of comedian Louis CK. In this riff, he takes on one of my pet peeves: people who complain about the inconveniences of modern travel.

Case in point: my last snow day I was in Baltimore but wanted to get to my home in Washington, DC about 50 miles away. The commuter train home was more than an hour late but I had choices: I was able to take a light rail to a bus, which took me to a subway, which took me within a few blocks of my home, on a paved road. Along the trip I thought of my friend Alonso in Chiapas, Mexico. When I was in Mexico, Alonso had only one option to get him to his work in the city of Tuxtla Gutierrez: a windy road in a a micro-bus packed with passengers. Another friend of mine once fell out of such a van at high speed!

This video helps us realize how much we take for granted, while poking some gentle fun. I confess I saw myself in the indictment of the person who thinks wireless service must be instantaneous at all times!

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