Friday, March 13, 2009

Who Owns the Fair Trade movement? Listen to Some Participant Voices

Finally I have purchased an MP3 player.  My delay is not so much that I am a technophobe as that I know that sooner rather than later I am going to lose the darn thing.  But the appeal of listening to podcasts (especially during training for my next event: the National 1/2 Marathon) has won out.

Case in point,the 90 minute recording of a London School of Economics panel discussion called "Who Owns Fairtrade? A debate on who benefits, influences and controls Fairtrade."  It is a great range of views on some of the controversies related to mainstreaming, corporate investment into Fair Trade, and the ideals of Fair Trade partnerships.  I suggest you listen first to the contribution of Dyborn Charlie Chibonga and Rajah Banerjee who speak from farmer perspectives to what Fair Trade means as a framework.  Then give a listen to Pauline Tiffen, a colleague I profile in Chapter 7 of my book, who gives a historic grounding of Fair Trade and reflects on its evolution and current power dynamics.  Finish up with Katie Stafford, a business consultant, and business owner Kate Sebag.  

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  1. Anonymous1:36 PM

    Hi there,

    I'm from Trading Visions. We co-organised this debate with the LSE.

    Just wanted to drop in and mention that as well as the podcast you can watch videos of the Who Owns Fairtrade debate here: