Tuesday, April 07, 2009

55,000 Strong for Fair Trade on May 9th

I'm celebrating World Fair Trade Day this year with a Fair Trade discussion and chocolate tasting at independent bookstore Book Nook in Hyattsville, Maryland. I hope our group will be joining 55,000 others in the United States who want to reclaim the record for World Largest Fair Trade Break. Last year more than 12,000 of us took some time out around and set the first world's record for a Fair Trade break. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, Finland stepped up and got more than 50,000 Fair Traders together in Helsinki.

This year, though, with the help of the Fair Trade Resource Network, we are going to reclaim the title in a variety of fun, informative and creative ways! I want to share a couple ideas I have heard of that seem simple but effective but first, check out this video for encouragement:

To join in the fun AND promote economic justice consider these ideas:

* Invite a couple friends to a local coffee shop and have them brew up some Fair Trade coffee or tea.
* Serve up Fair Trade hot chocolate for a girl/boy scout troop or sports event that your kid attends.
* Grab your drum and head to a local park for a circle that celebrates Fair Trade with a bang.
* Invite your book group to learn about Fair Trade and discuss its pros and cons.
* Host a craft sale after your congregation's weekly service.

If you need sources for these products, visit the Fair Trade Federation or TransFair USA for a list of retailers. If you need free promotional materials or education materials, ask for FTRN! They'll also explain how to record your break's participation to help us meet our goal.

And if you are not in the United States, fear not! The World Fair Trade Organization has resources for celebrations around the globe.

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