Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Prepping for Fair Trade month

I know it is still summer time but fall is coming at us fast. Here's how I am gearing up for Fair Trade month, which is October. I hope you will start your planning and participating too!

Some things I am involved in:

* Reverse trick or treating: Check out Global Exchange's initiative where kids give the adults Fair Trade chocolate and a message of fairness. There are free organizing kits available, so order soon!

* Organizing a Fair Trade Town Steering Committee: There are almost a dozen communities in the United States who have declared themselves supportive of Fair Trade. An updated website can help you and your neighbors become a Fair Trade Town.

* Making the White House a Fair Trade Home: A coalition of fair trade vendors and organizations and individuals like you and me are inviting the First Lady to join the fair trade movement and make the White House a “Fair Trade Home. It is an effort of justice and celebration. Check out DJs for Fair Trade for some inspiration.

*Learning, Reflecting, Acting: I will post a list of my upcoming speaking engagements in Los Angeles, Washington, DC and beyond soon. Even if you don't have a guest speaker, you and your community group can host a book discussion about what Fair Trade is, why it is relevant to your community and your world in theses challenging time. Use this blog and Fair Trade: A Beginner's guide to give you some ideas for conversation starters.

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