Sunday, November 01, 2009

Fair Trade month keeps going in Maryland and Pennsylvania

If you are in Maryland or Pennsylvania, it may not feel like Fair Trade month is over! That's because on November 6th and 7th the Hyattsville Mennonite Church is having their annual Ten Thousand Villages Craft Fair and Bake Sale. As I suggest in my book, the Fair Trade movement was started by Mennonite Edna Ruth Byler, and it is good to see the religion's commitment to the cause continuing. For details on time and address in Hyattsville, MD visit the community's website.

I will be doing my own faith-based event as the guest of Chestnut Hill Friends (Quaker) Meeting near Philadelphia. All are welcome to the discussion, Sunday, November 8 at noon. I will explain what Fair Trade is, how it is making a positive impact on lives of people around the world, and why and how Quakers and others of goodwill can support its continued growth.

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