Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tax Fairness Pledge

The media covers a lot of the discontent of Tea Party folks but on this tax day I think it is important to remember that "by the end of 2010, the top 5% of households will have received $980 billion in tax breaks from the Bush Tax Cuts. A household with $500,000 of income got a $25,000 tax break in 2009 alone. "

I learned this and more from the folks at United for a Fair Economy . While I don't approach $500k a year, today I took their Tax Fairness Pledge. Using an on-line calendar I figured out how much of a Bush-era tax break I got in 2009 and donated a portion to work for economic justice. Check it and if you can, consider recycling some of your tax break for fairness.

And for a little tangent, UFE is based in Boston, where the Fair Trade Futures conference will be held in September. Early bird registration ends on April 18, Paul Revere Day. Please consider coming to the event to help create the future of fairness, in trade!

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