Saturday, May 01, 2010

May 8: World Fair Trade Day in Washington, DC

Our nation's capital (seen here during Cherry Blossom Festival) is known for its great tourist attractions, and this World Fair Trade Day, Saturday, May 8 makes that even more so. The good folks at Green America (located in Washington, DC no less) are promoting a tour of Fair Trade retail outlets that are some of my favorite places. While I will be out of town next weekend, I hope you can vicariously enjoy the tour for me. It is a great way to celebrate the values of Fair Trade and let businesses know you appreciate their embrace of Fair Trade. Contact Green America, (800)- 58 GREEN, if you need specific info like a copy of the walking tour map.

If you aren't in the Beltway area, you can find out about hundreds of other World Fair Trade Day events around the country at the Fair Trade Resource Network calendar. Enjoy yourself!

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