Friday, July 30, 2010

Last Chance to Register: Fair Trade Futures

Registration closes August 1, this Sunday, for the Fair Trade Futures conference. Five years ago a group of scrappy and spunky Fair Trade leaders brought together 750 consumers, producers, and businesses together to help define what Fair Trade is and why it matters. Ever since, people have reported to me what an important moment it was--some started new businesses, others mobilized for Fair Trade Towns, still others formed stronger bonds and justice commitments. An expanded 2010 Leadership Group has decided to gather again, and Sunday is the official deadline to join us!

With my CRS Fair Trade hat on (an actual, union-made hat!) I will be on an intro to Fair Trade panel with Carmen Iezzi of the Fair Trade Federation and David Funkhouser of TransFair USA. But I am, to be transparent, most excited about just being a regular Fair Trader and attending debates such as "Does Fair Trade Deliver on its Promise?." I will be reconnecting with colleagues and friends to celebrate our successes. But I will also start some tough conversations about the future: what's the role of certification in our movement? which certification? how are we really different from conventional trade? how are we different from other "socially responsible" enterprise? How can Fair Trade be a gateway to Financial Integrity?

If you are reading this blog, you probably have some good questions (and hopefully answers) too. Please join us, and don't forget to register before the weekend ends!

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